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@ Dear Visitors:

@ Welcome to "The Fukaji Online" website!

@ Fukaji is a 1,300 year-old Buddhist temple located in Shishiro-shi, Aichi-prefecture in the center of the main Japanese island of Honshu.

@@The Temple belongs to the
Koya-san Shingon-Shu Sect of Buddhism, which was founded by KOBO-DAISHI (usually called KU-KAI) in 804 A.D. (The Heian Period)

@ As you can see on this website, the Fukaji Temple is a queit place surrounded by nature, where you hear wild birds chirping and see seasonal changes of nature.
I hope our temple can maintain this tranquility, providing visitors with spiritual healing through its serenity.

@ The Fukaji Temple possesses valuable cultural properties, such as Buddha statues, antique paintings and documents. The most famous piece is "The 3,000 Buddha-Name Tower" (a scroll picture), which is nationally designated as an Important Cultural Property. All the antique pieces are annually exhitibted at "The Fukaji Jiho-ten" (Temple Treasure Exhibition) on November 3, as well as on this website any time.
Please appreciate their cultural beauty and imagine the temple's millenary history.

@ This year, the Fukaji Temple plans to get its Hondo (Main Hall) roof renovated. We are now asking for donation to defray the costs of the renovation. Any donation will be greatly appreciated.

IKADATSU Yugen, Master Priest, the Fukaji Temple

Seasons Events of the Fukaji Temple
Spring Shunbun-no-hi (Equinox Day)
Kobo-Daishi (Sect Founder) Festival

Summer August 15
Osegaki Ceremony (Ancient Spirits Rite)
Fall November 3 (Culture Day)
Jiho-ten (The Temple Art Gallery)
Winter December 31 (Year Endling Day)
Bell-ringing Event